Want more?
  • Buzz

    A powerful Javascript audio library over the HTML5 audio element.

  • Vegas

    A jQuery plugin to to add beautiful fullscreen backgrounds to your webpages and create amazing Slideshows.

  • SundayMorning

    A jQuery plugin to translate content on the fly.

  • Face Detection

    A jQuery plugin to detect faces in pictures.


markItUp! in action

Tag Sets


markItUp! as a Html oriented editor


markItUp! as a BBcode oriented editor


markItUp! as a Textile oriented editor


markItUp! as a Markdown oriented editor

Wiki syntax

markItUp! as a Wiki oriented editor


markItUp! as a Dotclear oriented editor

Advanced configurations

Macros & gadgets

markItUp! using callback functions to deploy macros and gadgets.


markItUp! running in several instances and markup sets.

Page interaction

markItUp! working with other plugins and interacting with the page.

Server-side scripts via Ajax

markItUp! working with server-side scripts via Ajax.

Switch and Remove

markItUp! switching markup set on the fly.


Skin MacOS style

markItUp! with a MacOS look and feel

Skin Live style

markItUp! with a Live look and feel